Our diagnostic solutions

Diagnostic AI solutions for various diseases and indications, built together with doctors, to improve diagnostics and reduce time and workload.

Lung Cancer - PulmoFast Diabetes - EyeFast New Solutions

The market place for medical algorithms

An integrated cloud-native SaaS platform. Enabling seamless, fast, safe and secure distribution and integration of diagnostic AI solutions in existing IT infrastructure.

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Doctor Driven Development

Intuitive Online Tool for the development of training data for AI.

This allows doctors to contribute to development of AI by using their expert knowledge to improve diagnostic performance of algorithms.

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Our competitive advantage

Our vision is to make global healthcare more affordable, accessible and efficient by using AI assisted diagnosis. We launch fast, iterate quickly and think big. Our approach is bottom-up: by identifying the needs of patients and doctors at the same time, we do things differently.

Easy Integration

Our platform connects and integrates all legacy infrastructure, making the application of a new algorithm as easy as downloading an app.

Tailor made solutions

Leverage the capabilities team of machine learning experts with doctors and medical IT professional to improve diagnostics yielding time and costs savings.

On the fly improvement

Improve computer assisted diagnostics by providing user feedback, without changing the way you work.

Vendor neutral

We are 100% committed to an open ecosystem, and that’s why we work with every software developer, vendor as we all imaging equipment supplier.

Safe, secure & compliant

With security and privacy embedded into the development of our applications, you can be secure in knowing that your data is safe and that we conform to global standards.

Value based healthcare

We contribute to value based healthcare by improving diagnostics, requiring lesser time at lower costs.

Training & validation

We oversee the development of training data for algorithm, to ensure the outcomes are relevant for the local population.

Reduced investment – Improved output

By using our distribution solution, integrating new machine learning applications requires minimal investments, and immediate improvement of diagnostics by saving time for doctors.

When you start working with Holland AI on a do it yourself project, you will soon see results!

A partner physician

I believe in the great potential for doctors as shapers of the future of healthcare technology.

Dr. Ayoub Charehbili, radiology resident, co-founder Holland AI

Implementation of the Holland AI platform was easy and with nice collaboration!

Partner hospital, the Netherlands