Addressing integration complexity of AI

Today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare demands the implementation of AI and machine learning to address to rising costs and ever increasing workload for doctors. Battling the constant challenge of higher demand, increased volume of workload and the improvement of imaging equipment.

AI has the potential to reduce and solve these issues, but, face a significant implementation hurdle. Existing hospital infrastructure is currently not designed for cloud based AI and machine learning solutions, local computing power is insufficient and faces numerous regulatory, connectivity and privacy issues.

Our solution

We have built a platform facilitating the easy implementation of AI in hospitals, enabling physicians to unlock the vast potential of computer assisted diagnostics.

Our platform provides a single interface between the legacy hospital infrastructure such as PACS and medical imaging equipment. We call this the cloud connector.

Via this cloud connector, medical data such as CT-scans and X-ray scans are pseudonomised – compliant with relevant laws and legislation – and sent to the Holland AI Platform. The Holland AI Platform runs on Microsoft Azure – the global market leader in safe, secure and compliant healthcare platform.

Based on the input data coming from the cloud connector, a specific application is subsequently deployed for analysis via machine learning. After this analysis, the annotated and enhanced data are transferred back to the hospital, and readily available for further analysis by the physician.

About Microsoft Azure for Health

Ecosystem Approach

We are committed to vendor neutrality, and strive to make available applications from all vendors via our platform, integrating into any existing infrastructure.

We connect with all major suppliers of medical devices, imaging aqcuiriers, imaging equipment, HIS-software and GP (HIS)-software.

We focus on integration, so that algorithms are available for every hospital and doctor, regardless of the software or equipment they are using.

We provide talented teams an individuals the opportunity to work together with us to bring patient benefit on a global scale, with minimum efforts and costs on sales and marketing, implementation and distribution.

Vendors & Developers - Why partner with us How we add value for Hospitals


For the analysis of one set of patient data, we charge a flat fee for processing via our platform to any algorithm. The charge per analysis is depending on the algorithm and any commercial agreements between you and the vendor.

We facilitate the analysis via our platform and ensure straight forward commercial arrangements between vendors and hospital, and easy invoicing and payment.

Our solution provides numerous advantages for doctors, hospitals, patients, algorithm developers and vendors.


Fully compliant with GDPR and other relevant laws and legislation.


Safe & Secure

Our platform provides a safe and secure, single point of entry, connectivity solution between cloud-based algorithms and your existing infrastructure, resulting in improved safety & security.

Vendor-Neutral & Multi-Algorithm

We distribute algorithms from any vendor and connect with all existing imaging modalities and hospital IT infrastructure.

Easy Implementation

We improve market access for existing and new algorithms with our easy implementation, seamless workflow integration and cloud-based distribution capabilities.

Regulatory Compliance

We provide regulatory compliance services (CE, FDA) for our own, tailor-made and 3rd party algorithms, to facilitate the ecosystem and ensure focus for developers.

CapEx > OpEx

Instead of investing heavily in implementation, opt for our transaction-based pricing, limited capital expenditure.

Reduce Implementation Time

Once our platform is connected with your infrastructure, deploying new algorithms is as easy as installing an app on your phone.

Seamless workflow integration

Making user adoption high, and reducing implementation time and cost.

Single point of access

One connection to our platform, for the deployment of multiple algorithms, improving safety, reducing implementation time and costs.

Simplifying Integration & Implementation

Our platform assists in integration by your own IT staff, and our specialists are available to assist if required at any time.