Let’s build AI tools together

Do you have a great idea for an AI tool? We can make it happen. You don’t need much technical or legal knowledge to make technological improvements that your clinic and your patients needs happen.

We connect you with a team of data scientists and take care of the implementation process of your application.

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Our approach

Together we make an inventarisation of how AI can help you with your clinical problem.

We can co-create algorithms together, but we can also implement third party algorithms in your institution if that is easier.

No AI knowledge needed

No time to learn code? Too busy helping patients to dive deep into AI fundamentals? No worries!

We connect you with data scientists that explore your problem together with you, so you can focus on your core business: clinical expertise.

Tailor made solutions

Create the tool you need exactly as you want it. After every software iteration, we use your feedback to build a perfectly custom made tool.


On the fly improvement

We are flexible and always keen on new insights and chances for improvement.

Easy implementation

Whilst building an algorithm with you, we ensure an optimal implementation process. So you can use your new build tool right away when it’s finished!