Healthcare meets technology

We solve diagnostic bottlenecks for doctors by developing state-of-the art AI solutions, integrated into the existing standard of care. Our cloud-native AI platform ensures seamlessdistribution and endless scalability.

We have carefully selected two use cases with high-volume and high patient-impact diagnostics.

Our team members have backgrounds in medicine, data and computer science, and regulatory affairs. Furthermore, we frequently engage external experts.

Our team

Latest News

AI and COVID-19

Clearly, the COVID-19 pandemic poses significant challenges for doctors and hospitals. For example, there are major capacity management issues and it possibly very hard choices will have to…

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Lung CT

Start of clinical validation

In December 2019, we started clinical validation of PulmoFast, the game-changing tool for computer-assisted detection for pulmonary nodules on CT-scans on the chest. Together with The Maasstad Hospital…

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Start of an AI building adventure

When I first told people I wanted to become a radiologist, they all looked at me if I was going to embark on the Titanic. Very often I’m…

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